Proactive Approach to Loss Prevention

Typical Considerations:

Museum installations pose the operator with the challenge of providing the general public with open relatively unencumbered access to all the items on display, while still safeguarding against loss.

Potential losses are most likely to occur in the areas of fire, vandalism and theft. For this reason these types of systems are designed to incorporate the latest technology and provide cross functional alarm triggers between the fire, access, intrusion and IP-video systems.

The deployment of very early fire warning systems in museums is one of the best approaches to preventing loss from fire and subsequent activation of the sprinkler system. The loss incurred due to preventable sprinkler system activation, could well be one of the more catastrophic events a museum operator could incur. With very early fire warning systems, the slightest amount of smoke will activate an alarm to the central security system, with the integrated video software providing immediate eyes on to allow early responder activation prior to incurring any major damage.

With the advent of video analytics, pixilar programming in the video management application can be used to create virtual non intrusion zones around perimeters or articles of special concern. If the virtual perimeter is crossed an alarm to the central monitoring system will be activated.

Each museum installation requires careful attention to details during the design phase to provide for optimized integration of all systems components.