Design Philosophy

We design systems to comply exclusively with an open IP based standard to the optimum compatibility in data sharing. In the past, systems design was driven primarily at the hardware level and was specific to a particular system's component such as intrusion, access, video or fire. Today, hardware component IP compatibility and open database design enable systems to be designed to not only allow functionality among the individual components of a security system, but indeed to share data and functionality with a wealth of other enterprise data management systems such as building control, human resources, and retail loss prevention systems.

IP centric systems design also provides for greater systems longevity as the major component upgrades will be management software related and not "rip and replace" hardware change outs.

Designed for retrofit or primary install

Done properly, the standards established will allow for the integration of greater portions of the front end hardware, while migrating all new devices and the central data control functions to an IP based platform.

This approach allows for an extended lifespan of already existing equipment, while focusing the new investment in systems upgrades that will make a fundamental difference in how efficiently the system can be operated.

This approach then enables an enterprise to captialize on the equipment investment made into a security system, with a much broader degree of functionality. Information that before was only collected for forensic use, can potentially be used to inform marketing, merchandising and scheduling decisions.