The Tuxen Advantage

Our company is founded based on two decades of experience in the design of large integrated data infrastructure project in the Security, Parking and Transportation industries.

This experience includes designing and producing electronic hardware components and related database systems to manage these devices as a completely integrated management information system.

Parking projects have included completely new on-street parking management systems for cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Security projects currently include major resorts and enterprise level retail security systems design and implementation.

Transportation systems designs include electronic tolling, bus depots and airport ground transportation tracking and perimeter security access using long range radio frequency access control systems.

We have used the lessons learned from being among the very early developers of large integrated systems in the early 1980's, with all the challenges of very fragmented data platforms and hardware standards, to solidly embrace the new open IP based hardware and software standards combined with open database formats such as SQL, to design systems offering the maximum functionality, accessibility and reliability.

That is the Tuxen Advantage.