Securing, Staff, Guests, & Residents

Typical Considerations:

Resort Security presents unique challenges. Large, sprawling properties, multiple owners, extended full and part time staff, plus a constantly revolving guest list, are all considerations that must be accommodated in a well-designed resort security system. At TIS we work with resort owners and on-property security specialists to develop and implement systems that provide the surveillance, access control, and property protection measures to enable effective and efficient security management.

Our systems are developed to give security and property managers 'eyes-on' access for oversight of their facility. This enables them to not only manage the day to day, routine security concerns, but also to take action in response to a catastrophic event. So that those ins charge may assess and act as necessary, should the need arise.

Plus, we are continually aware of the guest experience. That means we take special care in the design and placement of all equipment as well as consideration of its function and storage protocols, so that we may protect the guests physically as well as guard their privacy.