What is Netlane?

Netlane is Tuxen Integrated Systems's premier pre-configured, engineered lane control product. Designed for easy installation and a high degree of versatility and functionality, Netlane makes even the most remote and complex access points eary to manage and protect.

But perhaps the greatest benefit that these products provide is that they all carry the same forethought and design consideration affored to our large, custom designed, enterprise solutions. So our engineered products are not just designed to work today, but are also designed to work for years into the future, and to offer the opportunity to easily upgrade and improve the system as your needs evolve.

Netlane installed in a "lane control" environment

Example Applications


Security is a job of vigilance, focus, and analysis. One that takes untiring effort and endless concentration. Threats and attacks can emerge at anytime from anywhere.

Because of that unpredictable nature, security is a function that requires not only vigilence and awareness, but perhaps most importantly it requires intelligence; not only from its human practitioners but also their machine counterparts. That is where Netlane IP comes in.


Parking is traditionally thought of as a revenue operation. However, parking spaces and structures should also be an integral part of a comprehensive security strategy for any building or facility. History has shown us that not paying attention to these areas as potential threat points can have dire results.

Since parking revenue equipment is not designed as a deterrent to access, on the contrary, another solution is required. Netlane IP provides the perfect solution.

Netlane IP can be installed as an additional security layer to an existing parking installation or as a part of a new one.


Netlane IP is a premier lane and toll plaza Control solution for Toll Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Mass Transit Terminal Control, Taxi Management, Intermodal Asset tracking and more.

Due to the uniquely flexible design of the Netlane IP system, it can be deployed using many of the standard hardware components used in security and parking. However, the software modules and operating logic can be modified to meet the unique requirements.