Make Your First Line of Defense a Strong One

Typical Considerations:

Your perimeter is your first line of defense. It is where your property begins. It is where your business begins. It is also where your risk and liability begins. That is why it is essential to protect it. At TIS our focus from the start has been perimeter security. We have worked to develop engineered products designed specifically to handle the challenges presented at the perimeter.

We handle the challenges long distance of communication of our hardware and proper camera array design for effective surveillance. We have systems to handle vehicle access and lane control so that access points are efficient and maintain high throughput rates without sacrificing security.

In many enterprise designs, we focus on the perimeter first, because that's where it all begins. Not only whre your risk begins, but also where your operation begins. Collecting and using information from a well designed perimeter security system, can help your business operatee more efficiently and effectively.