Beyond Security

As our technology evolves it is becoming more complex yet easier to use. It is also becoming more specialized while becoming more versatile. Hardware that was previously very narrowly capable, is starting to become multi-functional.

In many ways, the same can be said for how businesses function and are managed. After years of moving toward seperation and isolation of various business functions, now the pendulum is beginning to swing the other direction to a future where business processes are integrated and managed across operational areas, and each area works to inform the others.

As many managers are realizing, there is a wealth of information already available to their business that if harnessed could inform more effective, strategic, tactical, operational insights and decision making and, ultimately, increase profitability. Departments that in the past may have been thought to have little to no needed interaction are discovering that if they share information they can both operate more effeciently.

This is especially true with today's sophisticated security systems. A multitide of operational and organizational information is collected and observed by an enterprise security system, but until recently, that information has often be negelected or ignored. Information concerning customer behavior, employee trends and needs, merchandising effectivness, operational effeciencies, and more is collected by a security system as it performs its basic function. Of course, it is the mining, analyzing and  implementing of that information that makes it valuable, but before that is done it must first be recognized for its potential.

That is why Tuxen Integrated Systems is looking beyond just security and toward future where your enterprise security system is designed and fully integrated to not just make you more secure, but to make your business better.